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Basic Informations

Model NB-IoT
Type Standard-G/E/AE

   KEPCO's low-voltage AMI NB-IoT modem is remote meter installed in the form of a inside or outside of electricity meter of households which is home, villa, and shopping center.






ØIP communication composition (IPv6) available, which is independant from FEP server

ØSupports KEPCO “AMI Management System Protocol (ver 2.6)

ØInspection data forwarding function (Push/Polling mode select)

ØDecryption and encryption support based on company name verification and dynamic key through RADIUS Protocol

ØMaintain basic setting data in case of blackout (Server address, Port number, read cycle, etc.)

ØRemote power reset cycle setting and action

ØWireless time syncronization supported through LTE base station

ØRemote upgrade of wireless modem firmware through Diff Image

ØModem management program provided

ØInformation saved as ARIA(128bit) encrypted data